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Date: Friday, 27th Jul 2018

Over the years while running DAFC.net it was important for us a times to carefully consider items posted on the forum. Our prime objective is to ensure that dafc.net and its administrators were not going to be liable for anything posted by a forum member.

Our aim has always been to highlight that posts are the responsibility of the forum member and any recriminations would fall back solely on that forum member.

Sometimes this came across as an issue with the freedom of free speech but these suggestions have always been refuted. I do know that over the last few years where we have had some tentative legal threats on the website and we have taken action against posts and forum member to remove topics which have been reported. As we are a free service and don`t have legal resources this was the easiest option for us. Despite this some people took personal offence that we removed their posts(s), there is no need to hold personal grudges.

We have recently been contacted by a solicitor regarding various defamatory postings appearing on the DAFC.net forum. The purpose of this story on the site is to re-iterate that what people post on the forum is their own responsibility. It should also be noted that when such issues arise we will also take the easiest course of action to remove offending content.

We have a feature called "Black Card" and we use this to quickly hide all posts that a specific user has put on the site. This allows us to react quickly and easily when such complaints arise. This means we can then take our time to review the situation and either restore the posts or delete them.

If legal action is being thrust upon us then we will have no option but to comply ( if asked with a legal request) for whatever information this site has on an individual member. When you sign up to our website and post items then you realise that is what may happen.

Most people understand that the site is run by volunteers, we are not out to block free speech but ensure fair play for all. We are here to help the fans of Dunfermline Atheltic and the more help we get the easier it becomes for all of us.

Thank You, Brian

p.s repetitive posts on the same subject also do tend to get removed ;o)

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