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Dunfermline travel to Tynecastle looking for a win

Author: Jason Barber Date: Monday, 19th Aug 2002

Dunfermline Athletic will this week be looking to kill off one of the jinxes that have haunted the club in recent years.

There is something about the short journey over the Forth Road Bridge that does not bring out the best in the Pars. One of these days, travel sickness will not affect the team and the points will come back to the Kingdom. Here's hoping it is this Saturday!

Though not nearly as bad as the record at Easter Road, Dunfermline have to go back 13 seasons since the last victory away to Hearts. In Jim Leishman's last season in charge, Dunfermline did the double by winning at Tynecastle on both of their visits!

4th October 1989 saw Ross Jack and Paul Smith score in a 2-1 victory for Dunfermline, whilst later in the season on the 10th of February, Ross Jack once again got on the scoresheet, this time alongside George O'Boyle in a 2-0 win.

There can be no doubt that this Dunfermline team are more than capable of repeating this feat, mind over matter will have to be applied and forgetting the location of the game might just help the players this time round!

Jimmy Calderwood must still be smarting from the infmaous 7-1 defeat in his first SPL season, all the more reason to be fired up for this visit.

Hearts have had a mixed start to the season, but remain unbeaten. Mark De Vries has been grabbing all the headlines so far, but we hope that is because he has not been up against a defender of the class of Wilson or Skerla so far.

There is no doubt that the football Dunfermline have played over the last two games in particular, will cause any team problems. When Dunfermline click and get into their full attacking mode, there can be little done to stop them. Stevie Crawford and Craig Brewster will both be looking to quieten the boos that will inevitably come their way this weekend.

The attacking game is now clearly evident in Dunfermline's play, where perhaps a more defensive style was in place last season. Chances are falling to nearly all members of the team just now, with Kilgannon and Hampshire providing the option of 'old fashioned' wingers. Jason Dair is still to get off the mark, although he is trying his best to do that with plenty of attempts in each match!

Hopefully a good support will follow the Pars across the water on Saturday. The 'bogey' ground, or indeed city, has to be broken eventually, no better time for that than this week!


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