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 Monterey Jacks Question...
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Sun 20 Aug 20:12

has anyone been? any good?

notice online it talks about live music, is it a noisy place (i've got bother with my ears that are quite sensitive right now)
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 Re: Monterey Jacks Question...
Topic Originator: fng  
Date:   Mon 21 Aug 10:38

Been once. It was a strange, mixed bag. Daughter and I both really enjoyed our (overpriced) mains. Her dessert was a huge letdown. Meal was overpriced, but service was excellent. Table and restaurant generally were grubby. Like I say, mixed bag.
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 Re: Monterey Jacks Question...
Topic Originator: onlytakes  
Date:   Mon 21 Aug 17:59

Looks great but not been in. Was going to suggest it to.my wife and her pal for them going out for a bite to eat and drink in the town. Hate loud places personally.
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