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 Builder for access to Integral Garage
Topic Originator: Wedge  
Date:   Wed 16 Aug 12:56

.netters I am looking to get a door put in between my hallway and into my integral garage. So I am looking for someone to do this and fill out the relevant Building Warrant too.

Can anyone here do it or know anyone who can? Do you have advice after doing something similar? Any help is appreciated.

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 Re: Builder for access to Integral Garage
Topic Originator: calpar  
Date:   Wed 16 Aug 15:52

I just did this last year, our resident dotnet joiner pirate blackbeard did mines, put me onto an architect for drawings too who did all relevant paperwork etc
top job all round

Couple pieces of advice, think carefully about positioning and opening directions for practicalities if you have options, I didnt have many when it came to the building regulations, but if you want to use garage after as a garage, for putting a car in, it may matter
Also, the regs are a joke if it opens into the garage, especially if theres a diff in floor levels between house and garage floor, mine did, but theres always a way, beerdi will keep you right!

I had to move radiators/pipes and allsorts, but its given me a games/playroom now, it'll never see 1 of our cars again now, but with 2 boys, and all their stuff, it keeps all that easily to hand😜👍go for it
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 Re: Builder for access to Integral Garage
Topic Originator: Blackbeard  
Date:   Thu 17 Aug 23:09

Cheers calpar!email+number in profile:)

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