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  Tripe  new average white par  218  Tue 20 Jun 23:24 
  Miller &Carter  new LochgellyAlbert  772  Sun 2 Apr 06:57 
  AJs shop  new The moose  1,274  Sun 29 Jan 19:21 
  Restaurants in Dunfermline  new dave67  1,024  Wed 18 Jan 19:15 
  Giacomo's  new dave67  597  Tue 6 Dec 09:52 
  7 spices  new Stevie  532  Thu 3 Nov 06:32 
  Lee garden  new Stevie  617  Tue 25 Oct 13:36 
  Raith pies  new dave67  1,026  Sun 28 Aug 19:16 
  For KGB  new Stevie  781  Tue 23 Aug 11:07 
  Five guys  new Stevie  15  2,039  Tue 9 Aug 13:15 
  DASC SHOP/TEA ROOM /FRIDAY LUNCH CLUB.  new steaua  462  Mon 30 May 10:25 
  King Kebab from Serena.  new Hail2Crail  724  Thu 12 May 14:59 
  Chilli  new Number57  832  Sun 8 May 12:45 
  Soup  new Number57  466  Sun 21 Feb 19:43 
  Christmas Fare  new Foghorn Leghorn  950  Thu 17 Dec 08:55 

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Bowie Experience, Alhambra
Sat, 1st Jul 2017
Sir Ken Dodd Happiness Show, Alhambra
Sun, 2nd Jul 2017
Tap o the Hill, Dunfermline Folk Club
Wed, 5th Jul 2017
Donald Anderson, Dunfermline Folk Club
Wed, 12th Jul 2017
The Dreamboys, Alhambra
Fri, 14th Jul 2017
The First Hippo On The Moon, Alhambra
Sat, 15th Jul 2017

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